Veranstaltungen & Termine


The integrity of management actions and business models, as well as living up to social responsibility increasingly determines the economic success of companies today.

Although it is not only a matter of preventing considerable legal and reputational risks, but also – and especially – about the acceptance of the companies by their employees, customers and investors. This also applies to the real estate industry without reservation.

The ICG has therefore set up a certification system for compliance management. The basis for this is a List of specifications, which provides companies in the real estate industry with reference standards for the implementation and maintenance of a reasonable compliance management system and at the same time contributes to the corporate culture of the entire sector.

Current testing standards are incorporated in the specifications. To this end the ICG is oriented towards the PS 980 testing standard for compliance systems implemented by the IDW, the German Institute of Auditors. The ICG system is recommended in PS 980 as the industry standard and ICG certification can be obtained separately or on the basis of a corresponding report based on an audit performed in accordance with PS 980.