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Social Impact Investing in Real Estate means Investments in Property including property funds/ development projects etc., with the intention of generating positive measurable effects on corporate and social topics (social/corporate returns), while at the same time achieving a reasonable operational profit.

With these types of investments, necessary social and corporate tasks, such as affordable homes, neighbourhood development, old-age poverty etc. are tackled by the sector and expedited in a positive way. In Germany, such investments are still not on the market, although among other things, long-term positive effects can be realised for the companies involved and also for the image of the entire property sector. The ICG would like to change this!

The initiative, with the involvement of key stakeholders, has set itself the goal of laying the foundations for the successful design and implementation of social impact investments in the property sector in Germany. This includes, among other things drafting term definitions and guidelines, defining success criteria, identifying obstacles and working together with politicians and other regulators to remove them. Furthermore best practice case studies from around the world should be identified and documented, along with a description of the conditions for potential new projects which can impact the German market.

The results were summarised in the form of a practical handbook which was published in January 2021.

„Impact: Profit for Purpose“ von ICG & BUILTWORLD