Veranstaltungen & Termine


The real estate industry is one of the main sectors in Germany. In comparison to other industries, however, it is divided into rather small sections, medium-sized and owner-led. Listed companies currently still tend to be the exception, but are growing in importance.

However, the demands on the industry due to the capital market, politics, international investors and customers require extremely high levels of professionalism, transparency, integrity and sustainability. In this respect, the quality of the supervisory and advisory boards (SB/AB) of property companies has taken on essential significance. It offers companies the opportunity to position themselves and positively differentiate their business.

Even companies not listed on the stock exchange are increasingly recognising that efficient advisory boards with additional control powers can significantly improve the clout and the “weight” of their privately-managed company. The challenge here is being able to find experienced people with property expertise to fill the board positions.

Against this background, the ICG has organised a series of events for the sector under the “ICG Real Estate Board Academy” umbrella since 2013. The “Operational Excellence” event is geared towards people who are already in a position of authority, or who will soon achieve this, the “Advanced Skills” higher-level seminar which targets experienced supervisory and advisory board members, as well as the participants in the Basic Seminar. The “Chairwo/men’s Lounge” is intended for the supervisory board chairperson (m/f/d) and their deputies who are working at listed property companies.

The topics are updated and refreshed at every event, the following content is addressed and, among other things, studied intensively by the participants:

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