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Mentoring Programme

Starting position:
Discussions on the participation of women in management boards have intensified in the last ten years, among other things as part of the overall sustainability discussion. International and German policymakers have responded – this target should be reached via female quotas which were voluntary to begin with and are now binding.

The German real estate industry – one of the largest sectors in the German national economy – has made great strides to improve its professionalism, transparency and integrity – by means of the ICG-Standards for good corporate management and control mechanisms, as well as the ZIA sustainability code. The safeguarding of diversity in supervisory and decision-making bodies – where the main focus has been on appointing women to management positions – whereby the demonstrable economic benefit has also made this a key driver of the implementation, to the overall improvement of the competitive situation in the sector and the companies that support it. Women in management positions and on boards in the property sector are still in the minority.

With reference to this starting position, the promotion of women in particular is also one of the ICG’s aims. The aim of the ICG “Women on Boards” initiative is to significantly increase the number of women on supervisory and advisory boards, such as executive and management bodies in the German real estate industry. In addition, the intention is to conduct an objective discussion of the topic, to create transparency regarding the number of women at the first and second level of management in the very fragmented real estate industry.

To achieve these aims we have set up a mentoring programme, in which up to 25 two-person teams work successfully with each other every year. The ICG also organises regular events with best-practice case studies from companies etc., and makes it easier for female executives to access our decision-maker events such as the “German Real Estate Summit” and, in particular, the “ICG Real Estate Board Academy” seminars.

Target groups/Participants:
Core target group for this programme are experienced, high-potential female managers who are currently one level below board or senior management level at major property companies or who are employed at board or senior management level. They should be willing and in a position to take up a supervisory board, advisory board or management board position in around three to five years’ time (Tier 2). In addition, all female members of the ICG Institute, female alumni of the previous ICG Real Estate Board Academy (ICG), as well as active female supervisory and advisory board members and potential board members, who are already in first-level management positions in major companies in the real estate industry today, are invited to participate and share their experiences (Tier 1).

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