Veranstaltungen & Termine


Certification by the ICG…

“… has helped us to implement the necessary elements of a value-oriented compliance management system in a structured way with the help of the auditing standard specially developed for the real estate industry.”

A reliable compliance management system based on recognised standards is indispensable for every professional service provider. With the ICG certification, we as a public real estate company are in a position to meet the requirements of both the legislator and the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg. Our task in the future will be to further strengthen awareness of compliance with our new Code of Conduct in the sense of a lived compliance culture. Above all, the workshops held with our managers and employees in the course of certification have shown us that the open exchange produces very valuable insights for our compliance work.


CEO, Sprinkenhof GmbH

“…helped us to consolidate the relevant internal processes, to analyse the weak spots and define a pathway for further development. The auditor provided valuable input for us to prioritise our future areas of focus.”


Chairman of the Board, GWG Gesellschaft für Wohnungs- und Gewerbebau Baden-Württemberg AG

“…clarified for us the current status of our activities, which enabled us to continuously develop our compliance management process.”

The real estate industry helps to shape everyday life for people like virtually no other sector, in both a professional and personal sense. This makes it all the more important that property companies establish a value management process in their everyday business activities, which identifies conflicts of interest and negotiation grey areas and promotes a culture of integrity among employees in their everyday situations. Regular certification demonstrates the current status of our engagement. On this basis, we can constantly develop our compliance management.


Chairman of the Board, GESOBAU AG

“…it is an important component to build trust in the company.”

Compliance management certification by the ICG is an important component for HOWOGE, helping to build trust in the company among our tenants, business partners and the general public, but it is also a part of the corporate culture as experienced on a daily basis. The interdisciplinary workshop process implemented throughout the company within the scope of the certification process has improved awareness among our employees in relation to corporate values, standards and the corresponding conduct benchmarks. At the end of the day, the specific employee interactions with regard to the basic ICG values of integrity, transparency, confidentiality and professionalism fostered the further development of the HOWOGE corporate mission statement. This update of the company’s principles and values significantly strengthens our continued corporate success and minimises risks.


former Managing Director, HOWOGE Wohnungsbaugesellschaft mbH

“…meets the increasing demands of investors for compliance among their business partners.”

An essential element of the ECE’s value system is the concept of “integrity”. The certification of our compliance management system by ICG, along with the ongoing re-certifications, help us to meet our own expectations associated with this process and to meet the increasing demands of our international investors for compliance among their business partners, and it forms an important element of our corporate risk management.


Managing Director Human Resources & Corporate Services, ECE Projektmanagement G.m.b.H. & Co.KG

… can also actively minimise liability risks for our customers and create reputational benefits.”

ICG certification gives our customers the assurance that liability risks in the business activities of their service providers are minimised on the one hand, while on the other hand, it offers a relevant reputational advantage in their interactions vis-a-vis their clients. Yet compliance also provides a competitive advantage with regard to anti-corruption concerns and transparency remains at the top of the list. Only companies with a certified compliance management system provide their business partners, investors, employees and shareholders with a degree of certainty that the company itself takes rules-based compliance and anti-corruption seriously. We know that corruption ultimately leads to more expensive products and that customers are impacted by inflated prices.

Since May 2020 we are the first construction company in the insurance and real estate industry which is compliance-certified and the first general contractor in the real estate industry to be ICG-certified too. We are proud to have received the ICG seal from the very beginning. It underpins the fact that we have managed a balancing act of working within the solution-oriented framework of the construction industry, while meeting the risk-averse demands of our customers.


Managing Director, Allianz Handwerker Services GmbH (AHS)

“…confirms the effectiveness of our compliance management.”

At the same time, it assures us and our stakeholders that with our compliance management, we are also prepared in the best possible way for future compliance risks arising, for example, from the development of new, digital business models.


CEO of ista Germany and the ista Group

“…creates acceptance among investors and customers.”

For Commerz Real, it means that everything we do reflects ICG’s high standards. The perception of being a reliable and responsible company that always aligns its negotiations and business models on the principle of integrity, contributes increasingly to today’s economic success and creates acceptance among our investors and customers. Since 2002, ICG has achieved outstanding results in the key areas of governance, business ethics and compliance. We are therefore proud to have received ICG certifications since 2017 for the implementation of our values management system in conjunction with the “list of specifications for compliance management in the real estate industry” . One requirement for this was the establishment of a system which governs the business interactions with suppliers, customers and the employees of Commerz Real. I’m looking forward to continue driving this work forward and creating fresh momentum in our business.


former board member, Commerz Real AG

“…should be the standard for players on the German real estate market”

Nothing is harder to achieve – and easier to lose – than a good reputation. Our reputation and that of our customers has been the top priority for JLL for more than 230 years. This is why we have supported the ICG from the very beginning as a pilot company. Reliable compliance and risk management processes based on national and international standards are essential today. The JLL management team has made a commitment, without compromise, to sustainable, values-based and responsible corporate management. We thereby protect our customers and employees from unfounded suspicions and create a professional, trustworthy and reputable working atmosphere. From our perspective, being part of a certification system as offered by ICG provides a competitive corporate advantage which also plays a role in attracting new talent and motivating our existing employees. ICG certification should be a standard procedure for participants on the German real estate market.


former CEO, Jones Lang LaSalle SE

“…confirms to us and our customers the effectiveness of our compliance management.”

For ista, the development of new digital business models harbours not only a wealth of opportunity, but also some fresh compliance risks. For this reason, ICG certification confirms for us and our stakeholders that we are well prepared for this development with our compliance management system. Achieving this certification is not a reason for us to sit back and relax, instead, its results encourage us to further optimise our compliance processes.


former Chairman of the Board