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Mission Statement
[October 2020 version]


1. The Association

The ICG is the organisation that establishes standards for values-based, sustainable corporate management in the German real estate industry. In this role, it is supported by independent experts. The ICG develops, specifies, recommends, promotes, teaches and oversees best practices in the areas of leadership, organisation, risk management, compliance, professionalisation and sector image.

The ICG is self-organised. Its members are drawn from business areas of the real estate industry who play an active role in the property value chain, and include property-owning companies from outside the real estate sector.

The members are committed to the principles of orderly and fair business management, integrity, transparency, professionalism, supervisory functions, responsibility and values-based, sustainable corporate management.

ICG recommendations are directed at members and non-members. The addressees are personally responsible for complying with these principles and following the recommendations. The ICG can certify companies on request.

There are different forms of membership. Even non-members from the property sector can get involved. All interest groups have the right to be heard.

2. Acting in accordance with the rules

The ICG is committed to rules-based behaviour as the basis for effective association work and for the protection of the members. Successful association work essentially depends on the association’s reputation.

3. No restraints on competition

The ICG’s association work is strictly aligned with anti-trust and competition law. The prevention, restriction or distortion of competition should neither be intended nor realised. For this reason, information should not be

exchanged between members, discussions of a formal or informal nature should not take place, or any agreements be made which result in unlawful restraints on competition, in particular in relation to:


  • price setting, pricing strategies and future market behaviour;
  • a company’s own sales and turnover figures, unless they are otherwise publicly


  • individual service and payment terms and conditions;
  • contractual provisions of a company’s agreements with individual suppliers and

customers, which may be relevant in terms of competition;

  • withholding of services, or restriction of such services;
  • allocation of markets or supply sources (geographically or customer-based);
  • “blacklists” or boycotting of customers, competitors or suppliers;
  • intended plans of individuals in relation to technology, investment, design and sales or marketing for certain services.
  • This excludes the exchange of information of general economic developments, including on the customer or supplier side, if publicly known or accessible to anybody and merely historical individual corporate data that is generally known or easily accessible.

The activities of ICG and the conferences, meetings and events organised by ICG are not intended to create or promote opportunities, to discuss competition-related matters between the members or to make anti-competitive arrangements.

4. Compliance with obligations under the capital markets law

The association work of the ICG is also based on strict compliance with the requirements and obligations under the laws governing capital markets. The provisions of the European Market Abuse Directive, the requirements and other legal provisions adopted for implementation thereof, as well as the Securities Trading Act, must be observed without limitation. The members and guests of the ICG are at all times required to fulfil the requirements and obligations proscribed under capital markets legislation.

5. Sponsorship

The following policy principles apply to the use of sponsorships: 

  • Sponsorship by means of the provision of money or non-cash benefits is provided by ICG solely within the limited scope defined in the Articles of Incorporation.
  • Sponsorship activities should only be carried out on the basis of a written agreement which clearly specifies the type and amount of contribution granted to the beneficiary and the consideration granted to the sponsor in return (in particular advertising opportunities), whereby the principle of proportionality must always be applied to the relationship between the sponsorship and the consideration.

6. Communication

As a general rule, communication in the name of the ICG in the form of comments, announcements, reports, etc. issued to the media is the responsibility of the Board. 

Personal opinions of members regarding ICG-related topics are to be identified as such and are subject to Board approval. Expressing opinions that are damaging to the association are to be avoided.

Confidential member information from conferences and meetings must not be made accessible to the public and misused for personal reasons.

7. Compliance office

A compliance office has been created as a point of contact to respond to questions relating to ICG compliance matters. The Compliance Officer is appointed by the Board.

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